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Super-Specialty tertiary care units :

our students are posted for Inservice Hands-on-training for about 1200 hrs. every academic year In the following units of Madras Medical Mission. This Work Integrated Learning Programme (WILP) empowers even the fresh graduates to commence their career ambitiously.

  • Institute of Cardio Vascular Disease (ICVD)
  • Institute of Reproduction Medicine and Women’s Health (IRM & WH)
  • Institute of Kidney Diseases, Urology & Organ Transplantation (IKUOT)
  • Institute of Gastroenterology & Liver Diseases (IGLD)

Digital Seminar Halls :

In the MMM College of Health Sciences and the Madras Medical Mission offer the right ambiance for presentations, group discussions etc.

Zachariah Mar Dionysius Auditorium, MMM :

While at the MMM College of Health Sciences the Central Atrium facilitates small functions, major functions are conducted in the 500 seated air conditioned digital auditorium which is linked to operation theaters for witnessing live demonstrations of complex surgeries –often performed by International eminent dignitaries. Discussions from the auditorium with the theater enrichens learning experiences.

Anatomy Lab :

The Vesalius Anatomy Lab serves more than the 200 students who use it each year. The lab offers training opportunities for the allied health students. Enter the lab to explore the complex, elegant, and subtle structures of the human body. The cadavers models and charts have been invaluable for the learning of the students. Anatomy lab is the ultimate gift people have given us – themselves.

Charles Babbage Computer Laboratory :

The Charles Babbage Computer Lab boasts of a well equipped computer centre with state-of-art infrastructure. There are 30 systems connected with servers. The department provides Internet access to all its students and is a wi-fi enabled campus. In addition the EDP department of the Madras Medical Mission is available as an additional learning opportunity.

Bio-chemistry & Microbiology labs :

The Microbiology laboratory provides the academic home for a highly interactive group of investigators whose research covers all of these areas, with particular emphasis on problems relevant to human health and disease, as well as emerging infectious diseases. Biochemistry laboratory is well equipped to undertake research in frontier areas of Microbial Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Environmental Biotechnology, Histotechnology, Cytotechnology and Haematology. These laboratories are well equipped with the latest modern instruments like SDS PAGE, PCR, Autoclave, Hot air oven, Centrifuge, Calorimeter, UV Spectrophotometer, Flame photometer, deep freezer, ionizer and Incubator. Research opportunities in the areas includes bacterial and fungal infections, MRSA, opporutunistic infections related to HIV/AIDS and gut microbes and the human microbiome is also a possibility. Our labs can also be used to study many areas of herbal technology.

Serological tests such as Widal, Rapid Plasms Reagin (RPR), Anti-streptolysin O (ASO) titre, C-reactive protein (CRP) and Rheumatoid factor (RA) are routinely done in our Laboratory. Tests for HIV, Hepatitis B surface antigen, HCV, Leptospira, Malarial antigen and Dengue are also available by ELISA and rapid methods. Other investigations include Bacteriology cultures & sensitivity, Parasitology & Mycology. In house culture media preparation and quality control are also done in the lab. Thrust areas of research include bacterial molecular biology, microbial physiology, applied and environmental microbiology. These laboratories will guide the students about the basic lab techniques, investigations into DNA and enzyme kinetics, an intensive purification and characterization of an unreported proteins.

Cornelius Celsus Library :

The Cornelius Celsus Library is accommodated in a spacious well ventilated hall with reading tables. This library has more than 3000 books, 2281 projects and 15 national and International journals. The Interlibrary loan facilities / resources sharing with The Madras Medical Mission educational four arms Pondicherry Institute of Medical Sciences, Pondicherry, PIMS College of Nursing, Pondicherry, MMM College of Health Sciences, Chennai and MMM College of Nursing, Chennai provide readers and researchers excellent reading material.

St. Thomas Chapel :

St. Thomas Chapel – Named after St. Thomas who came to India through Kerala, the home state of our members of the Madras Medical Mission, this chapel is a place of spiritual support, confidence and hope to all students who are guided by the values of our college. The monthly assembly organized by the student with readings form the various religious scriptures helps develop religious tolerance and harmonies co-existence. Each day at the college dawns with a song and prayer organized by the students.

Transportation :

Although the Madras Medical Mission is just 1.5 kms away from the college transport facilities are organize for the students to proceed to and from the college the place of in-service training in the various units of the Madras Medical Mission.

In-house canteen :

The In-House canteen serves as a “coffee shop” and also makes available regular meals and snacks to appease not only the hunger and thirst needs but the taste buds of one and all at subsidized tariffs.

In-house Medical facilities :

The community clinic on the college campus ensures regular annual medical check-up, immunizations and the general well being of the students. The super speciality units of the Madras Medical Mission also helps students to in the treatment of minor and major illnesses.