Teaching & Learning

Teaching & Learning

  • Orientation Course

    The orientation program is designed to support new students as they begin their journey at MMM College of Health Sciences. During the program, we gradually introduce new students to life at the College, from academics to rules and regulations of the college and hospital and support services.

    Orientation Programme for the fresher’s is organized at the beginning of each academic year. Parents are also allowed to attend the orientation program. A brief summary of the expectations of the college/academy will be shared and views of the parents also solicited. This will enable mutual understanding of students, parents, faculty, and peers.

  • Bridge Course

    MMM College of Health Science has designed a bridge course for all the undergraduate students for a period of one month at the beginning of the new academic year. The foundational knowledge acquired through bridge courses enables students to grasp new medical terminologies more effectively, leading to enhanced learning outcomes. The course also enables the students to improve their linguistic and vocabulary skills.

  • Clinical Training, Internship And Projects

    Clinical training and internship in all the units of MMM / NGO/outside hospitals are part of the curriculum for all the courses / streams and are evaluated with a written test, viva, and lab diary assessment.

    During internship, the students work as full-time assistant to specialists. They are given exposure in specialty areas and have an opportunity to undertake project works and participate in national and international seminars.

    The students undergo rigorous internship at MMM during their fourth year of study.

  • Seminars / Conferences/journal Presentations

    • Class-level seminars are organized on weekly basis in which the students are expected to make presentations on selected topics.
    • The students are asked to read the medical journals and each students has to present the reviewed journal in the allocated journal hour. This enable the students to keep themselves abreast of new knowledge, promoting in them the awareness of current research findings, teaching them to critique and appraise research, and encourage them to utilize research in evidence based practice of the speciality.
    • Every year, MMM College of Health Sciences also conducts national / international level seminars/ conferences/workshops.

  • Vacation Training

    At the end of every academic year the students undergo Industrial training in hospitals, health care institutes, NGOs for understanding and learning work cultures in a new environment Vacation training is considered as an important aspect of education and development to make students apt for a job. MMM College of Health Sciences makes vacation training a part of the curriculum, which demands training in a healthcare setup outside MMM hospital. This will enhance the skills required for occupation in a dynamic environment: specialist knowledge, solution-oriented conduct, secure methods, and social and personal skills.

  • Rules of Attendance

    As per the university regulations, 85% attendance is required in theory classes, 100% attendance in clinical training, and students who fail less than 100% are required to compensate in clinical training. Students should not abstain from classes or from clinical training without prior approval except on medical grounds.

    Attending all the internal exams and model exams is compulsory.

    Mere payment of university examination fee by the student does not make him / her eligible to appear for the university examination. Students reporting late will lose the attendance for half-a-day. Students found giving proxy signatures / attendance will be punished severely with suspension for a minimum of 5 days or a fine stipulated by the college from time to time.

  • Examinations

    According to university regulations, all courses have an annual examination pattern. Over the course of the year, three Internal Assessment examinations will be held: IA-1, IA-2, IA-2, and IA-3.For university internal marks, the best two out of three examinations will be taken. Furthermore, class-level tests are held on a monthly basis. Internal marks are awarded based on the marks obtained in these examinations.

  • Remedial Programme

    Remedial classes are conducted for students who could not pass the internal assessment examination; their purpose is to improve their performance and quality.

  • Awards and Prizes

    Outstanding Mentor Award

    Faculty member who has contributed the maximum for the overall development of the student is given this award

    Student Awards

    The Presidents Gold Medallion –Awarded to final year student for excelling in academics, disciplines, extracurricular activities
    Student Awards – awarded during college day

    P.C.KURIEN GOLD MEDICAL for the highest Achiever in Post-Graduation currently given to M.Sc Clinical Nutrition students

    REKHA CHERIAN GOLD MEDAL OF EXCELLENCE: Awarded every year to a student who has manifested outstanding excellence in academics, in co-curricular and extracurricular activities, who has shown leadership skills and who has made exemplary contribution to the MMM College of Health Sciences.

    DR. CHRISTIAAN BERNARD AWARD– Awarded to an internee who has excelled during Internship and contributions made to the college /MMM Rolling Trophy for Outstanding Class – Awarded to the class which has scored maximum points in aggregate in the areas of attendance, performance in internal exams, games and sports, cultural activities, extra-curricular activities, presentation in seminars etc.


    Prizes are also awarded on the sports day and college day celebrations every year: • For outstanding performances at the various events of sports – indoor and outdoor.
    • For best performances in the activities of the arts, music and dramatics.
    • For excellent presentations in the Journal club.
    • For the best in debates, elocutions, quiz etc. organized by the literary club.