B.Sc Cardio Pulmonary Perfusion Care Technology

B.Sc Cardio Pulmonary Perfusion Care Technology


Cardiovascular perfusion is the science of providing extracorporeal circulation in order to artificially support and temporarily replace a patient’s respiratory and circulatory systems. Clinical Perfusionists are expert members of the cardiac surgical team, and provide lifesaving support of patients requiring extra corporeal circulation, including but not limited to major cardiothoracic, vascular and transplant surgeries, as well as support of the critically-ill patient.

Cardiovascular Perfusionists are vital members of the open-heart surgical team, with the primary responsibility of performing cardiopulmonary bypass using a heart-lung machine and other ancillary equipment. During open heart surgery, they closely monitor the patient's blood flow and other vital signs and are in charge of administering intravenous fluids, blood products, and anaesthetic drugs.

A perfusionist generally spends 90% of his or her time in the operation theatre for cardiac cases, but the responsibilities extending to the areas such as cardiovascular intensive care unit and catheterization laboratory.


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I Year

II Year

III Year




Clinical Microbiology

Introduction to Surgery & CSSD




Cardio Pulmonary Bypass&Perfusion Technology -II

12 months of Clinical Training




Principles of Perfusion Technology -I


Cardio Pulmonary Bypass and its Complications ,Sterile Technique and Surgical AsepsisMaintenance



Basics of Computer

Clinical Training

Clinical Training

Clinical Training

Eligibility for Admission

  • Candidates belonging to all categories for admission to the Allied Health Sciences should have passed the qualifying examinations after period of 12 years of study with English, Physics, Chemistry, Biology / Botany & Zoology with minimum 65% marks in each subjects (Academic / Vocational Stream).

Course Director

Dr.S.Rajan is the Course Director for the B.Sc Cardio Pulmonary Perfusion Care Technology programme as well as the Director of Cardiac Surgery at Madras Medical Mission. He has more than 42 years of experience in this field. Dr. S.Rajan has completed his MBBS, MS (General Surgery), and McH from Madras Medical College, Chennai.

He has received recognition. -Recipient of the Chiles Foundation Fellowship to visit various Cardiac Centres in the U.S and U.K – March–June 1990; Recipient of the Melvin Jones Millennium award instituted by the Lions Club of Chennai in September 2004, SevaRathna Award, Lions International, Outstanding Personality Award by IMA, Vellore District &AzeezChida Foundation, Canada . Honour Award given by the Rotary Club of Kumbakonam Temple City, District 2980, and Rotary International, -Certificate of Appreciation by the Central Health Board of the Federation of Ahoja Shia Ighna – AsheriJamaats of Africa in April 2008; Vocational Excellence Award in Medicine by the Rotary Club of Chennai Towers To his credit, he has 20 national and international journals and more than 50 abstract publications in national and international journals. Also, he has given more than 100 oral presentations in national and international meetings

Career Prospects

In India, the number of coronary artery bypass surgeries is increasing. Such procedures have transformed the treatment of occlusive coronary artery disease. This is a career for candidates who thrive in the high-octane surgical environment of major cardiac surgery. Perfusionists are in high demand in cardiothoracic departments. A perfusionist is a skilled person with academic and clinical practise knowledge who is in charge of operating the heart-lung machine during Cardio Thoracic Surgery.

Perfusionist is responsible for the following during the Cardiac Surgery:

  • Monitoring the altered circulatory process by operating the heart lung machine
  • Taking measures in case of abnormalities and keeping surgeon and anaesthetist fully informed about the conditions.
  • Perfusionist are also competent in the management of other related equipment’s, techniques and procedures.

With the growth of multi-specialty hospitals and ever-expanding health care services, the perfusionist has a broad scope. The rise in heart disease and cardiac surgery has resulted in job openings in this field. It is a demanding but ultimately very rewarding career in medicine.