Laboratory Sciences

B.Sc & M. Sc Medical Laboratory Sciences

A Cllinical Laboratory Science deals with many and varied laboratory analyses and use critical thinking in determining the correctness of test results. Study involves in the interdependency of testing information and have knowledge of physiologic and pathologic conditions affecting results in order to validate them.

  • • In many health care settings, the trained professionals perform the following jobs :
  • • Provide data used by physicians to determine the presence, extent, and, as far as possible, causes of disease.
  • • Develop and establish procedures for collecting, processing, and analyzing biological specimens and other substances.
  • • Analytical tests using body fluids, blood, serum, plasma, cells, and other patient samples. They integrate and relate data generated by various clinical laboratories while making decisions regarding possible discrepancies.
  • • Abnormal results, verify and execute quality control procedures, and solve problems concerning the generation of laboratory data to maintain accuracy and precision.
  • • Establish and perform preventive and corrective maintenance of equipment and instruments as well as identify appropriate sources for repairs.
  • • Develop, evaluate, and select new techniques, instruments, and methods in terms of their usefulness and practicality within the context of a given laboratory’s personnel, equipment, space, and budgetary resources.
  • • Demonstrate professional conduct through interpersonal skills with patients, laboratory personnel, other health care professionals, and the public.
  • • Participate in continuing education for growth and maintenance of professional competence.
  • • Provide leadership in educating other health personnel and the community.
  • • Exercise principles of management, safety, and supervision and apply principles of educational methodologies.

The Scope of Clinical Laboratory Sciences :

The Clinical Laboratory Sciences students are prepared to work in hospital, clinical, and medical research laboratories. Graduates can find employment in Government and private sector for industrial research, product development, technical support, and working in forensic and pharmaceutical laboratories. Opportunities exist to work overseas with this internationally-recognized qualification.

Faculty Details

Course Name BSc Medical Laboratory Sciences

Hematology and clinical pathology

Dr. V.Chitrasree

MMM, Doctor

Microbiology I, Bacteriology, Parasitology, Mycology & virology

Dr. Anusha Rohit

MMM, Doctor

Dr. Bharathi

CHS, Faculty

Basic Chemistry, Biochemistry

Dr. Senthil Kumaran

MMM, Doctor

Dr. Deepa C Philip

CHS, Faculty

Ms. Gokila

CHS Faculty

Histopathology & cytology techniques

Dr. Priyanka

MMM, Doctor

Ms. Vishnu padmapriya

MMM, Faculty

Biostatistics, General Methodology

Dr. Ezhil

Visiting Faculty

Human Biology, Clinical pathology

Ms. Senu

CHS, Faculty

General methodology, Basic Haematology, Immunohaematology

Mr. Vinoth

CHS, Faculty


Dr. Jothimani

CHS, Faculty


Ms. Mridula

CHS, Faculty

Physics & principles of instrumentation

Ms. Sharmila

CHS, Faculty